Learn GeoJSON! (and maybe git and GitHub too)
Where are we at?
What is GeoJSON?
GeoJSON: geographic data format. (Contains spatial information.)
GeoJSON: extension of JSON, with a specific structure.
This is what it looks like:
GeoJSON: has room for nested attribute information.
GeoJSON: loved by web mapping libraries.
For example...
Also, there's a cool tool for editing GeoJSONcalled geojson.io!
(We'll come back to that.)
What is git?
git: distributed version control system.
git: allows for collaboration without totally screwing everything up.
git: super powerful.
What is GitHub?
GitHub: a home for lots and lots of code repositories.
GitHub: interacted with using git.
GitHub: provides easy-to-use tools and tutorials for using and learning git to collaborate on and contribute to projects.
GitHub: best friends with GeoJSON! (Renders in a map.)
Let's check it out!
Any questions?
What are we doing today?
Building collaborative GeoJSON datasets using git and GitHub.
Step one: Make a GitHub account.
Step two: Fork this repo: http://github.com/lyzidiamond/learn-geojson
Step three: Fork this repo: http://github.com/lyzidiamond/learn-geojson/.
(Instructions on repo's readme...)
What did we just do?
We forked a repo!
We added some data to some files in that repo!
We commited our changes to the repo!
We made a pull request to the upstream repo!
This basic workflow, plus a few other pieces, is how people contribute to projects on GitHub.
What's next?
If you wanna contribute in a more traditional way, try a more traditional tutorial.
Like http://try.github.io.
Or http://think-like-a-git.net.
Feel free to add datasets or contribute to the datasets on learn-geojson.
The best data is the data we make together! :)
Lyzi Diamond; @lyzidiamond on everything; lyzidiamond@gmail.com.