Mapbox and the Geoweb
So the geoweb can mean a lot of things.
Lots of tools and technology that are changing all the time.
First, let's talk about Mapbox tools.
Then we'll talk about how these tools are being used to solve problems in the real world.
It's pretty neat to see how, over time, the tools change but the problems stay the same.
That's one of the coolest things about the geoweb: it's always changing, but not impossible to follow.
You just have to keep solving problems.
So, there's a lot there.
And our tools are changing all the time.
It's totally possible that by next month, this talk would be totally different.
This is central to the hardest part of my job: figuring out how to teach about our tools.
By focusing on the problems that are being solved and the solutions people are using, we can be prepared for those changes.
One of my favorite things about our tools (and something that makes it easier) is how we use open source in our work.
We put a ton of our work on GitHub (and elsewhere).
Open source is awesome because we can learn from each other's work.
And we can see how other people are thinking about these problems. That is the best way to succeed in the modern geospatial landscape.
(In my humble opinion.)
But this whole open source geoweb thing is not easy.
(I can't resist some aspirational slides.)
The #1 thing that slows us down is impostor syndrome.
We all feel it. Remember:
Pat yourself on the back! You are awesome!
If you ever need anything, holler:
Lyzi Diamond, Mapbox