Better Analytics With APIs Part 2: The Help Scout API
Welcome! My name is Lyzi, I work on APIs, and I like teaching.
Goal of this workshop: You feel sparkley.

Credit where credit is due.This information comes from a series of amazing blog posts, presentations, and books. Full links on the last slide.
This workshop:
PSA: I don't work for Help Scout.
Part I: What is an API?
"An API is a set of rules for how two components of a system can communicate." - paraphrased from @scothis
API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is a set of rules and expectations for requests and responses to a particular domain.
APIs define resources and how to use or retrieve them.
CRUD: create, read, update, delete.
As an API consumer, your job is to build something that takes the resource and modifies it in a useful way.
Part II: How to use an API
Steps 1 through infinity: READ THE DOCUMENTATION!!!!!

No, really. Read it.

— Lyzi Diamond (@lyzidiamond) July 22, 2017
Help Scout Help Desk API Documentation
Tools for making requests:
Concept: yak shaving.

Things we don't have time to talk about today:
Things we are going to talk about: making requests. open postman
Postman exercise
  • List conversations
  • List conversations assigned to Demo McDemo
  • Create a new customer
  • help-scout-assignees
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